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Get to Know the Yew Shrub: A Fun Introduction The yew shrub is an evergreen shrub or tree species that has been around…

Get to Know the Yew Shrub: A Fun Introduction

The yew shrub is an evergreen shrub or tree species that has been around for centuries. This luscious and versatile plant can be found growing in various climates and soil types, from tropical jungles to high-altitude mountain regions. Many people are familiar with the yew shrub’s foliage, but not as many know about its remarkable history and many uses. Let’s take a closer look at the yew shrub and find out why it’s so unique!

Ancient Uses of Yew Shrubs

The yew shrub was beloved by ancient cultures all over the world. In Japan, it was revered as a longevity symbol and planted near temples and castles. In Europe, yews were often planted near churches to ward off evil spirits. Some cultures even believed standing under a yew could cure diseases like smallpox!

Yews have also been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Extracts of the leaves, bark, and berries were used to treat everything from stomach ailments to skin conditions. Today, extracts from some species of yews are used in cancer treatments such as Taxol®, an anti-cancer drug derived from Pacific Yew trees.

Modern Uses of Yews

Aside from their medicinal properties, yews have many practical uses today. They make beautiful ornamental plants for gardens thanks to their lush evergreen foliage which can provide year-round privacy. These plants are also popular choices for foundation planting due to their ability to tolerate shade and air pollution. Plus, they require very little maintenance once established!
Yews are also highly valued for their woodworking capabilities. The dense wood is strong enough to craft furniture such as chairs, stools, chests, and tables—and it’s even suitable for carving sculptures!


Whether you want to add some greenery to your garden or you need woodworking material for a project, the yew shrub is an excellent choice! This versatile plant can be found across all continents except Antarctica and has remained an important part of human culture since ancient times—from medicine to sculpture making—and will continue doing so in modern times too! So if you’re looking for something special with lots of potential uses, then look no further than the magnificent yew shrub!

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